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  • Library Closing Notification

    As a precaution to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Southborough Library building is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

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  • Library Diversity Inclusion Information

    The Southborough Library strongly supports the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners statement on diversity, inclusion, and racial justice. 

    The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners stands with all who condemn racism and work for racial justice. We believe that Black lives matter. Libraries are civic anchors, committed to access for all and strengthening bonds within and across communities. We stand firmly with all who battle the inequality, brutality, and failures of justice that have been laid upon Black Americans for centuries. We stand unequivocally for equity, justice, and opportunity. That said, libraries cannot stand solely on ideals. Libraries must find ways to encourage more diversity in our profession and recognize privilege in our everyday lives. We must listen to the communities that we serve and create opportunities for learning and action. The United States of America can be the land of opportunity only when there is opportunity and justice for every member of society. We must speak out when there is injustice, but our words will mean little if they are not followed by action. The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners pledges to make racial and social justice integral and ongoing in our services and programs.  more

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  • Pen Pal Program

    HelpNow and JobNow by Brainfuse   The Southborough Library is now offering a pen pal program! Youth ages 10 and up and seniors can sign up to be paired with a writing buddy and exchange letters through the library every few weeks. Letters can be dropped off in a small box outside the library during curbside pickup hours.

      *High schoolers interested in volunteering to assist with the program are also welcome. Program assistance can count toward volunteer credits for National Honor Society applicants.*

       Call the library at 508-485-5031 or email library associate Marianna Sorensen to sign up at:
  • SouthBorrow Book Bundles

    Southborrow Book Bundles   Starting March 15th, patrons can get personalized recommendations from the Southborough Library by filling out the new SouthBorrow Book Bundles!

       Once you complete and submit the form, Southborough Library staff will expertly select your next bundle of books from our collection based on your interests. Allow library staff up to 48 business hours to respond to any book bundle request. Please submit a different form for each individual family member.

       You will receive notification when your books become available, at which time you can schedule Curbside Pickup online by logging into your account.
  • Library Seed Exchange 2021

    Library Seed Exchange 2021   The Southborough Library Seed Request Form is now available through April 9th! Patrons can withdraw individual seed packets each spring from the Library Seed Exchange and then plant the seeds with hopes that more seeds will be returned in the fall. 

       Patrons can now select up to 5 seed packets per person. This includes a limited selection of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Please allow library staff up to 48 business hours to respond to any seed exchange request. 

       You will receive notification when your request is fulfilled at which time you can schedule a curbside pickup by calling us at 508-485-5031.