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Historical Collection

Overview & Information of the library's Historical Collection

The Southborough Library has a strong commitment and dedication to preserving the rich history of the Southborough community. To learn more about what kind of historical materials the library collects and accepts, please read the Southborough Library's Historical Collection Policy.

Our collection, kept upstairs in the Reference section at the end of the nonfiction shelves, currently includes:

  • Library Historical Collection 2016Materials concerning the Town of Southborough and the greater. Worcester County region.
  • Yearbooks, ex. Algonquin Regional High School, Trottier Middle School, & Peters High School.
  • Records pertaining to the history of the Southborough Library itself.
  • Materials related to The Friends of the Southborough Library.
  • A limited number of historical photographs.

For a preliminary report & overview of our collection from historian and author Anthony Vaver, please check out Archivist's Report on the Library's Historical Materials.

In 2015, the library actively partnered with the Southborough Historical Society courtesy of a grant from the Southborough Community Preservation Committee to inventory items of research significance with the hope to make them available for public use.

To learn more about this completed application process, we welcome patrons to view the 2015 application: The Southborough Library's 2015 Community Preservation Committee Grant Application.

Preliminary Report for the Southborough Historical Material Archive Project at the Southborough Historical Society  | Update Report for the Southborough Historical Material Archival Project 1-5-2017 | Final Report / Archive Project Inventory 6-17-2017

We look forward to discovering, preserving, and cataloging materials of historical value for the benefit of Southborough citizens and researchers.

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