Idea Lab

Opportunities for Exploration!

The Teen Room has a cutting edge array of devices and tools for STEAM exploration in the Idea Lab section of the space.
The 3D printer can produce detailed, small to moderately sized 3D prints that can be designed online and uploaded to the printer. The library generously provides the necessary plastic to create the prints and maintains the printer. 

The Idea lab also includes a Dremel laser cutter that can etch and engrave as well as cut through a range of materialsThe Idea Lab's mac computer provides access to apps for designing laser cutting projects including Inkscape and GIMP.

Other available tools include our button maker, 
podcast microphone, canon camera, MakeyMakey,
and Dremel rotary t
ool. There is also a video game console and a Creation Station with destress coloring sheets and blank paper to let the creativity flow with provided markers.  The Teen Desk also has phone chargers available for use within the library.

All devices and tools require librarian supervision! Please direct questions regarding timing and availability to

Idea Lab LibGuides

Guides and resources for equipment in the Teen Room

3D Printing - Beginner info on necessary steps, materials, and useful resources to get started on that printing!

Blue Yeti Podcaster - Learn how to use the library's podcast microphone to start your own recordings, and read advice to keep in mind when recording and uploading material.

Button Maker  - Steps for using the button maker to start making buckets and boxes of buttons. 

Canon Camera - Pointers on successful videography and photography and texts at the library with more info. 

Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool - Safety precuations for beginners, steps for starting a project, beginner project examples, and online articles and videos with suggestions and demonstrations. 

Dremel Bit Table - An illustrated list of accessory bits for the rotary tool.

Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter - Learn how to create and edit vector and bitmap files and find inspiration for your laser project.

How to Use a Green Screen - Instruction on use of the green screen and reserving it at the library, and resources regarding how to adapt images and videos digitally. 

Image Editing with GIMP - Advice on using GIMP to edit images, including necessary files and tools and related books and online resources. 

MakeyMakey - Get intro info on how the Makey Makey works and find some projects to try out!

Website Development - See a list of  web hosting platforms, programs for writing http, suggested titles, and websites about creating your own platform.