Southborough Library Event Calendar

Date: 3/30/2023
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Title: How to Write a Cook Book
Contact: Marianna Sorensen, 508-485-5031
Location: Main Floor
Description: If you’re a devout fan of cookbooks, have you ever wondered about the nuts and bolt behind the scenes in creating one? 
Sally Vargas, author of four cookbooks and weekly recipe columnist for the Boston Globe Wednesday Food Section will share some insights with you in this one-hour presentation. 
What are the different types of cookbooks? How does an author decide on what her book is about? Sally will talk about how authors research, write, and edit their books. What are historically the most popular cookbooks? Have tastes changed in 2023, with so much online access to recipes? What are the design and print options? How much control does the author have in design and print options? How does the book get published and marketed? Are cookbooks money makers, or they labors of love? Bring your questions and opinions and be prepared to discuss your favorite cookbooks and tell us why.

This series of programs is made possible with grant funds from the Library Services & Technology Act distributed by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.            508-485-5031