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Loan Periods

How long do things go out for?

After obtaining a library card, you might wonder how long materials go out for before returning to our two outside blue book drops located by the side entrance door near the parking lot...
Picture of outdoor book drop Picture of outdoor book drop

3 weeks - Books
    Books can be renewed twice

2 weeks - Express 
    Express Books cannot be renewed

3 weeks - Audiobooks
    Audiobooks can be renewed twice

3 weeks - 
Music CDs
    Music CDs can be renewed twice

2 weeks -DVDs
    DVDs can be renewed once

1 week - Express DVDs
    Express DVDs cannot be renewed

1 week - Videogames
​    Videogames can be renewed once

3 weeks - Magazines
    Magazines can be renewed twice

3 weeks -
 Library Telescopes
    The telescope cannot be renewed *please do not return to the outside book drop*

3 weeks - Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw Puzzles cannot be renewed *please do not return to the outside book drops *

Maximum items: Patrons can have a maximum total of 50 items out at one time.

The library receives select Newspapers on a daily & weekly basis. These do not circulate.

For information on
 circulating museum passes, please click here.

Renew Materials

Materials renew automatically. You can log in online to bark.cwmars.org - library card number & PIN number are required- to see the number of remaining renewals. Email notifications will also be sent regarding renewal information.

The default PIN number for patrons is the last 4-digits of the phone number that you registered with.

If you are unable to log in and renew online, please call 508-485-5031 and a staff member will assist you.