Meeting Rooms

NOTE: Effective July 1, 2011, all tutors must sign in with the Children's Librarian and reserve meeting room space on the ground floor of the library for tutoring sessions. To minimize noise in the library's historic front reading room, tutoring is not permitted on the Main Floor of the Library. Downloadable Meeting Room Policy or Tutor Policy.
Meeting Room Hours Vary by Day, Depending on When the Library Closes:
Monday, Friday, and Saturday - 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Ella Eaton Meeting Room 
The Ella Eaton Room, 35 occupant capacity
Trustee Meeting Room 
The "Book Sale" Room, 25 occupant capacity
The meeting rooms at the Southborough Library are available without charge to local, non-profit groups for educational, informational or cultural meetings or programs. No meeting is allowed that promotes any business or commercial activity.
All meetings and programs must be open to the public without charge regardless of whether an individual is a member of the organization. All groups requesting use of the Eaton or the "Book Sale" Room must fill out an application form provided by the library and must indicate a person of legal age (18) who will be responsible for the condition of the room.
Use of the meeting rooms for library purposes will take precedence over all other reservations. To allow flexibility for library sponsored events, the library administration reserves the right to reschedule or cancel advance room reservations. Every effort will be made to avoid such cancellations and to give as much advanced notice as possible.
Those using meeting rooms in the evening are asked to leave 30 minutes prior to closing time. We appreciate your cooperation and respect in the use of library space.

In addition to serving as a meeting space, the Ella Eaton Room currently houses the Southborough Library's Historical Collection and serves as the library's art exhibition space. Interested in exhibiting? Read and agree to the library Eaton Room Exhibition Policy or contact Library Director Ryan Donovan for more information.