Friends of the Southborough Library

Upcoming Friends of the Library Meeting: Wednesday, October 18 @ 7:30pm

Interested in becoming a Friend of the Southborough Library? Contact Amy Yazdani, Vice President.

The Friends of the Southborough Library:
  • assist the Library to meet the changing needs of the community
  • help organize and manage fundraising events (e.g., raise the approximately $4,000 for museum passes for library patrons)
  • assist with funding programs that encourage literacy for children and young adults
Learn more about the Museum Pass Program OR reserve a museum pass online.

Friends of the Southborough Library - Board of Directors - 2016/2017
  • Beth Melo, President
  • Amy Yazdani, Vice President
  • Louise Clough, Secretary
  • Prudence Webster, Treasurer
Heritage Day Chair: Diana Tremblay

The Library has a town budget and is assisted by grants, but additional fundraising makes a difference. You can make a difference as a Friend of the Southborough Library.